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Enterprise Applications

We offer a number of solutions to all your digital enterprise need – be it a digital transformation, data-driven intelligence, integrating new applications into legacy systems, simplify IT processes or automate workflow, DigiConnect offers you a wide array of Enterprise Applications. Our team of experts will closely work with you to tailor your specific requirements. Some of the solutions we offer are: 

Customer Relationship Management

Strengthen relationships that matter the most to your business through our CRM expertise and industry leading solutions. Attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, and improving customer satisfaction requires a synchronization of all business processes related to sales, marketing, customer service. Leverage our rich IT expertise and strategic partnerships with major CRM software vendors, to provide tailored CRM solutions that will help you improve customer interactions result growth in your business.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Our solutions in BI, Analytics, and Performance Management provide a foundation for insight and analysis to help you make more informed decisions faster and with less risk. From strategy to implementation and post-go-live support, our services help you navigate the exponential growth of digital data from social media and mobile sources, meet the demand for mobile data accessibility, and comply with evolving regulations.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP systems play a key role in organizing and managing internal and external information across your entire organization by integrating all important functions, such as financial management, human-capital management, and material management. With years of experience working hands-on with wide variety of enterprise solutions, we can tailor the solutions that best fits your need at a reduced cost.

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In an age of rapid technology innovation, market expansion and reaching out to new customers has been a demanding and costly affair for business enterprises and new and innovative technology vendors, particularly in emerging economies like Nepal. DigiConnect helps to address this difficulty empowering a global partner, which is to understand the complexity, facilities, and characteristics of the various markets in Nepal.

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