MIKHA, next-generation AI enabled video collaboration solution built from the ground-up by DigiConnect, is a highly secure enterprise-grade audio-visual communication platform. MIKHA offers scalable, feature-rich, and flexible video platform for organizations ensuring their workflows (internal and external) remain resilient in the face of possible disruptions and stay connected with customers to provide virtual face-to-face service with integrated capabilities

Mikha At a Glance
Meeting Scheduling
Customers will be able to request a meeting via bank’s website and mobile app (through custom integration), and/or customized MIKHA’s landing page, branded for your bank. Depending on purpose of the call, there are several ways we can achieve this integration.

For example, for online KYC Verification, we provide API for third-party system to schedule a meeting request in MIKHA. Request can be made with basic information about the customer, or it can be executed by sending entire KYC data to MIKHA. If KYC Verification (or any other system to be integrated) does not already exist in the bank, upon request, Digconnect provides option to develop the system, tightly integrated with MIKHA.

Once this request is received, bank’s staff can verify details, adjust date, time, and duration before confirming the meeting.

Customers can be notified about meeting confirmation through various channels as shown in the picture above. By default, MIKHA supports notification through Email and SMS. If bank wishes to push notifications through its mobile apps, Digiconnect can work with related developers/vendors to integrate that as well.
Scheduler allows bank’s staff to view and manage all their appointments. Staffs will be able to update details of confirmed appointments as necessary. Calendar view makes it seamless to search, identify, and manage appointments. Customers will be notified automatically when their appointment has been updated.
Customer Verification
As soon as customer joins the meeting, an OTP will be sent for verification. Once verified, customer will automatically be connected to the call.
Facial Recognition
During the call, system provides a feature to capture image of the customer and run it through bank’s database to verify identity. This AI driven facial verification system is provided out of the box.
Signature Verification
In addition to facial recognition, MIKHA also provides AI based signature verification module, using which, bank’s staff can capture and record customer’s signature during the call, and verify the same with stored signature specimen in bank’s database.
Video Call
Customer Connect
To join the meeting, customers will be required to enter an OTP sent to registered Email and/or SMS. In addition, they will also be required to allow access to location (if enabled in system settings), microphone, and camera in their browser.
Agent Connect
When it is time for the meeting, bank’s staff will be notified via email and/or SMS, and the meeting will be shown in ongoing section of MIKHA’s dashboard.
Checklist can be configured by the administrator, and it can be different for different purpose of the call. It is a step-by-step guided script, that helps staffs to keep track of the meeting.
There are several control modules provided in the video call screen that allow staffs to conduct meetings as seamlessly as possible.

• Show Popups on Customer’s Screen
• Turn Video On/Off
• Mute/Unmute Microphone
• Invite Participants
• Show/Hide Display Panels
• Show/Hide Call Status

Information Capture
Data Capture
Dynamic forms provide bank’s staffs the ability to capture necessary information in real-time during the call. This form is purpose specific and can be configured by admin from the settings panel. Saved information will be stored at the end of the call and can be passed to external applications if required.
Image Capture
Images can be captured from customer’s video feed, and can be categorized into dynamic tags such as user photo, identification document, signature specimen, etc. Captured photos and signatures can be verified using AI enabled facial and signature verification technology.
Customer’s location, from where the call has been initiated will be captured. This information is stored and can be viewed later in maps to pinpoint the physical address of the customer. Admins can configure this on purpose-to-purpose basis to determine whether customer needs to allow access to their location.
Meeting Notes
At any point during the call, bank’s staff will have ability to take notes, comments, and remarks right from the call screen. This can be viewed later along with all the other captured information.
Third-Party Integration
API Integration
Recommended integration method of MIKHA is the API integration. If third-party systems support API, data can be passed to and from MIKHA seamlessly. Since MIKHA is built completely in the OpenAPI standard, any third-party system can connect using OAuth protocol to access data and trigger events in MIKHA.
Legacy System Integration
In case of legacy systems, Digiconnect provides two options:

• Database Connection – MIKHA can connect to the data source using database connection. A connection string needs to be provided and stored in system settings.

• Robotic Process Automation – In case database access is not an option, Digiconnect also provides the option to move data between applications using software robots.

This system provides ability to restrict customers to initiate calls from certain geographic locations. Admins can configure this based on purpose of the call. For example, for KYC verification, customers might need to be inside the country, whereas for loan remit, calls could be initiated from anywhere in the world.
Network Quality
Admins can configure the threshold for minimum bandwidth required to make a call. According to compliance policy of the bank, admin will be able to adjust this threshold from system settings. If network quality does not meet the requirement, customers will be asked to reschedule the meeting or connect from a stable network.
On-Demand Customization
All the features mentioned above are core features that comes out of the box with initial deployment of MIKHA. If there is any additional requirement specific to the bank, Digiconnect provides an option to customize this system to meet business requirement.