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Recent transition in Nepal, public sector organizations face a variety of challenges, such as diverse mission requirements, high expectations of citizen service levels, rapid technological change, and increased budget pressures. The mission is to help public sector entities overcome these issues and focus on improved outcomes. We introduce business best practices and industry approaches to meet specific criteria at various levels of government structure, including state, provincial and federal levels, helping renowned execution capabilities to deliver measurable value with predictability.

DigiConect business and its global partners ecosystem will add value to several government and public sector IT initiatives designed to improve the flow, use and management of information. We believe that the country is at a defining moment in its history and we are proud to be involved in its nation-building journey.
DigiConect and its global partners ecosystem will add value to a range of government and public sector IT programs designed to improve the distribution, use and management of information. We believe that the country is at a defining moment in its history, and we are proud to be part of its nation-building journey.

With vast expertise, the DigiConnect business has successfully implemented several IT services and solution projects in the country. These projects have addressed pressing issues in financial inclusiveness and access, e-governance, healthcare, telecom, and agricultural and livestock productivity. We have delivered cutting-edge solutions to private sector enterprises, such as banking, insurance and telecom. All our engagements in various projects are compelling evidence of our efforts to enable Nepal’s growth story and make it a reality for all its citizens.

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DigiConnect Offerings for Digital Government:
Digitization of public services has become imperative for governments looking forward to making public institutions more inclusive, effective, accountable, and transparent.

We work with our government clients with our in-house experts who are fully dedicated to implement and integrate digital platforms in the public sector. We collaborate with our clients to fully harness the power of cutting edge digital technologies to transform business model for government and public sectors.

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Data-driven Decision Support System

Our team of digital experts from diverse disciplines and strategic partnerships enable us to deliver a holistic integrated solution. Together, we bring to bear experience in applying emerging technologies, creating excellent end-user experiences for government services, and building internal capabilities and delivering change at scale.

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In an age of rapid technology innovation, market expansion and reaching out to new customers has been a demanding and costly affair for business enterprises and new and innovative technology vendors, particularly in emerging economies like Nepal. DigiConnect helps to address this difficulty empowering a global partner, which is to understand the complexity, facilities, and characteristics of the various markets in Nepal.

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