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The patient is now king in the healthcare industry. Hospitals are embracing a’ patient-centered’ philosophy and are in the midst of a multi-year transition from volume to value-based treatment and operation. Furthermore, health regulations are constantly changing, adding further to the already dynamic environment of multiple stakeholders.

Rapidly emerging technological advancement in healthcare industry has forced hospitals to re-imagine their processes, as well as the underlying healthcare IT solutions. While a number of health care providers are working to incorporate digital technologies to improve patient experience and care delivery, achieving integrated healthcare in a cost-effective manner remains a key challenge. Healthcare Digital Adaptation, if done in the right way, can go a long way towards achieving these new business goals.

DigiConnect Healthcare IT Solutions can help hospitals boost back-office efficiencies, improve patient engagement, drive preventive care, and facilitate better care for long-term conditions. Using our rich domain expertise, we leverage our global partner’s ecosystem help your organization for Healthcare IT solutions, including business consulting, application development and maintenance, testing, mobility, analytics, clinical research data management and infrastructure support.

DigiConnect Healthcare IT Services will help hospitals increase back-office efficiencies, improve patient experience, provide preventive care, and improve long-term care. Using our extensive domain expertise, we leverage our global ecosystem partner to help the healthcare digital transformation journey, including business consulting, application development and maintenance, monitoring, accessibility, analytics and clinical research data management.

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In an age of rapid technology innovation, market expansion and reaching out to new customers has been a demanding and costly affair for business enterprises and new and innovative technology vendors, particularly in emerging economies like Nepal. DigiConnect helps to address this difficulty empowering a global partner, which is to understand the complexity, facilities, and characteristics of the various markets in Nepal.

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