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Financial Services: Overview

DigiConnect helps financial services organization to meet the new demands of the market and thus have a lasting business impact.

Financial services companies today face increasing pressures on profitability, cost reduction, regulation and consumer expectations. The current economic environment continues to drive reform from regulators and legislators, which, in turn, burdens internal processes with timely reporting and disclosure. The competitive landscape continues to develop as well. Banks, investment managers and insurers need considerably more information on product, service, consumer and/or industry profitability.

DigiConnect’s focused solutions for the financial services industry enable them to address the industry’s new challenges, creating a positive business impact. DigiConect’s Financial Services Practice supports services related to the provision/integration of core Banking solution, loan origination, workflow management and risk and management performance information to decision-makers across the financial services industry as well as external regulators and investors. We have helped organizations modernize and transform their accounting, profitability, risk and management reporting applications to provide an integrated corporate view.

Our clients engage DigiConnect to assist in reviewing these initiatives, compile them into a holistic picture of benefits and outcomes, and identify any opportunities to streamline and maximize the data, workflows and systems supporting key finance areas. These areas typically include financial consolidation, risk reporting, financial, regulatory, and tax reporting, acquired loan accounting, budgeting & forecasting, treasury/asset liability management, management reporting, product and customer profitability.

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Together with our DigiConnect consultants we support you in transforming your digitization
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automation potential,to the implementation of the right technologies
– so you can focus on your core business.

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In an age of rapid technology innovation, market expansion and reaching out to new customers has been a demanding and costly affair for business enterprises and new and innovative technology vendors, particularly in emerging economies like Nepal. DigiConnect helps to address this difficulty empowering a global partner, which is to understand the complexity, facilities, and characteristics of the various markets in Nepal.

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